Sunday, February 20, 2011

Low Carb Kids: The Lunch the Toddler Made for Herself

This is what my toddler choose to have for lunch the other day. Not too shabby.

-Greek yogurt with some reduced sugar strawberry jam and vanilla mixed in


-Lettuce with ranch dressing and 1tbsp shredded cheese

She ate every bite.


  1. Thank you for this. I have an almost two year old who I am trying to transition to low carb. My husband and I just discovered how to eat this way and why its better. Our daughter, though, loves her bread and Goldfish crackers, pasta and pizza. We are trying to change her over...but so far, she won't eat raw veggies of any kind, except tomatoes...and she won't eat cream cheese or ranch dressing...any tips or websites would be much appreciated!

  2. Hi Annie. With toddlers, you aren't going to prevail. Their developmental drive is stronger than steel so roll with it. Just try to cut out the junky carbs; the cereal the chips the bread etc... Focus on what she will eat and then eat gorgeous yummy food in front of her, I guarantee she'll ask to take a bite. She may not like it but trying it is the victory not eating it at this stage.

    And leave food at the table. You make oatmeal or eggs and she balks? Ignore her. Leave the food, go about your day more often than not she will sit down and eat it. If not then you can offer an alternate.

    Whatever my toddler doesn't eat, gets left for her for later. When she says she's hungry I redirect her to her plate. If she absolutely won't eat it and if she's not eaten a lot during the day I will allow her to have a Greek yogurt or cottage cheese.

    It takes time to reform the junk food/carb laden palate. Just inch along and think long term. You don't have to be perfect and that's not going to happen today but a year from now? You'll be surprised to see what she's eating.

    And what you eat will influence her tremendously.

    Hope that helps.


  3. Greek yogurt mixed with strawberry jam mmm. Why have I never thought of this? lol