Sunday, March 20, 2011

Low Carb Root Beer Float

This is in no way shape or form good for you, BUT it is sinfully delicious and a perfect complement to a hot summer's night.

(Okay, it's not summer yet, but it's coming and I will totally be drinking this in August.)

Plus, it's about as easy to make as peeling a banana.

The heavy whipping cream gives you that melted vanilla ice cream taste and the frozen Cool Whip is a great stand in for ice cream.

Note that low carb ice creams such as Breyer's Carb Smart do not work. They ice up and the root beer destroys the ice cream texture.

Ingredients for one

  • 1 can Diet A&W Root Beer
  • Scoop of frozen Cool Whip OR 2-3 tbsp heavy whipping cream OR both!

1.Pour heavy whipping cream into a tall glass.
2.Add root beer.
3.Top with Cool Whip.

1 comment:

  1. Sounds yummy! BTW Virgil's makes a sugar-free root beer sweetened with stevia. Using that with whipped cream would be perfect!