Monday, March 1, 2010

Food Diary Week 1

2 scrambled eggs with light sprinkling of cheese

Low carb meatball 'soup' with 2 low carb ground turkey meatballs (no breadcrumbs)
5 Strawberries

1 wasa cracker with natural peanut butter and reduced sugar jam
'Shepherd's pie' with ground turkey, mashed cauliflower and cheese
Small amount of dark chocolate

Normally, I would not have had the cracker with peanut butter, but I was starving! My meals were all off schedule the entire day due to various appointments, which lead to feeling pretty lightheaded and crappy from hunger.

30 min. on the elliptical. Workout quality: Poor, near constant interruptions from family.
Vigorous walking and climbed 6 flights of stairs going to various appointments

1 bite of a banana (before I handed it to my toddler)
1 prune (before I gave some to my toddler...umm, fruit is a serious downfall for me)
1 cup kefir--mixed 1/2 cup plain with 1/2 cup blueberry flavor for a carb count of around 20g.

Meatball soup with 2 low carb ground turkey meatballs in tomato sauce with 1/4 cup mozzerella cheese
4 Strawberries

Small gherkin pickles
4 carrot sticks

1 wasa cracker with natural peanut butter and red. sugar jam
appox. 1 cup of 'shepherd's pie' with cauliflower, ground turkey, and cheese
2 Strawberries
2 small pieces dark chocolate (6 carbs)

Super hungry again at dinner. Maybe I need more food at lunch?? Or I'm going through carb withdrawal???

30 min elliptical Quality: Fair. I didn't have to get off the elliptical, but had to stop moving twice to negotiate with the toddler about leaving me alone to exercise.


Breakfast: 1 cup kefir; 1/2 plain, 1/2 blueberry flavor

Lunch: 1 1/2 cups 'shepherd's pie', 1/2 cup mixed berries

Dinner: 2 Wasa crackers with natural peanut butter and reduced sugar jam.

Snack: 2oz cheese

Exercise: None. Sick with sore throat and some wheezing.

Breakfast: Kefir 1/2 plain and 1/2 blueberry

Lunch: 2 cups romaine with 2tbsp Italian dressing, 1 chicken thigh (skinless), 1 cup segedynsky goulash (pork with kraut in a sauce--it's low carb), 1/2 cup raspberries, Coke Zero

Dinner: Panera greek salad with chicken (under 20g carbs per their nutrition info)

Exercise: 30 min elliptical.

Breakfast: 2 Wasa crackers, 1 tsp butter, 2 oz cheddar cheese (this is fewer carbs than kefir and more filling, which I think I may need more calories in the morning)

Lunch: 2 cups romaine, fresh salsa, 2tbsp Italian dressing, 1 cup segedensky goulash

Dinner: Spinach Frittata: eggs, spinach, feta and mozzarella

Snack: Diet Root Beer

Exercise:30 min elliptical, good workout for once.

Breakfast: 2 spinach fritatta egg 'muffins'--slightly less than 2 eggs. Coke zero.

Lunch: 1 cup segedensky goulash

Snack: 2 Wasa crackers, 2 oz cheese, 2tsp butter

Dinner: 4 chicken nuggets (oven fried), 1 cup segedensky goulash

NOTE: Pulled an all nighter with sick toddler. Look at the carb creep as the day wears on due to lack of sleep.

Exercise: 1 hour moving furniture upstairs, carrying boxes down stairs etc... to complete stage I of home remodel project

Breakfast: 2 egg muffins (less than 2 eggs in total though). Plain black tea.

Lunch: 2 wasa crackers with 2 oz cheese. Plain black tea.

Snack: 1 cup kefir--Feeling like I need some carbs. Not feeling so good. Feel slightly better after kefir--not so shaky now.

Snack(about an hour later): Home made flax muffin (not low carb) Something is wrong with my blood sugar here I think--I am not hungry, I feel sick and weak after moving boxes and furniture up and down stairs. I'm eating carbs on purpose to see if that helps me feel better. Feel slightly better again after the muffin.

Snack: Bacon (another hour later)--Now adding fat and protein along with calories--again this is a calculated attempt to resolve whatever is making me feel so shaky/low sugar. Begin to feel better, but ravenous.

Dinner: Roast chicken, 1/2 cup raspberries. Diet Root beer

Exercise: 2 hours moving boxes and furniture up and down stairs. Heavy duty cleaning.

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