Monday, March 22, 2010

Food Diary Week 4 & Weigh In Results

Menu plan? What menu plan? There's no plan.

I have a cold. All my planning energy is going into figuring out how to get some shut eye without having to wake up to catch the drips from my nose.

Food has been less than stellar as well.

But apparently I have lost 22 lbs in 3 weeks doing this. I must be doing something right.


Lunch: Almond muffin, Taco salad

Dinner: Brownies and milk

Exercise: None, sick.


Breakfast: 1 piece string cheese

Lunch: Almond muffin, 2 chicken strips (package says they have 13 carbs total)

Dinner: Asian meatballs with broccoli coleslaw

Exercise: None, sick

Breakfast: Almond muffin
Lunch: Chicken piccata-1 breast, salad (takeout)
Dinner:Chicken piccata-1 breast, green beans (takeout)

Exercise: None, sick. Started prednisone for asthma flare

Breakfast: Almond muffin
Lunch: Meatball soup with 2 ground turkey meatballs
Dinner: Kielbasa and side salad
Exercise: None, sick.

Breakfast: Almond muffin
Lunch: Nothing
Snack: 2 prunes, sip of kefir
Dinner:All meat chili from Longhorn, 2 frozen chicken tenders (13 g carbs)
Snack: More frozen chicken tenders--maybe my appetite is coming back???

Exercise: None, sick.

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