Monday, September 5, 2011

Low Carb 'Antipasto' Platter

Remember when I mentioned I was going to do an Eastern European 'antipasto' platter for a quick, no-cook meal on Sundays? Here's how it turned out. Beautiful!

Pictured are; brie, marinated mozzarella balls, smoked Hungarian kielbasa, carrots, green pepper, and lightly steamed green beans with hummus for dipping.

Here's a view that shows the whole platter.

Because we bought many of these items in bulk at Costco, it was a cost effective meal. If you were to buy these items at your local grocery store, it might get pricey. However, you don't have to use what I used. Make a list of low carb finger foods and create your own antipasto platter.

The thing I really loved about it was people could graze for several hours. There was no rush to sit down and eat, which is always good for toddlers. The hubby had a nice meal and got out the door on time too.

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  1. new here! Very difficult finding low carb blogs, I was happy to find yours! I love this idea of the antipasto...I'm your newest follower, would love you to follow me, back!