Sunday, December 5, 2010

Help a Cook Out

My little toddler dropped the salt shaker in the mixing bowl while we were making cookies the other day.

My Kitchen Aid mixer didn't take that well and now, despite some replacement parts, it's trying to overheat and the motor isn't speeding up/slowing down properly.

Years and years and years ago I had surgery to repair a bad wrist. The surgery was successful by about 90%. The other 10% is stuff like cooking and other repetitive fine motor movements.

The Kitchen Aid mixer is literally my kitchen aid.

So if you are shopping on this holiday season, would you mind using my affiliate link?It doesn't cost you anything, I don't know who orders what or where things go or even if people clicked from this post. It will help fund a new mixer, which my bum wrist relies on to do the heavy kitchen work.

No doubt, I am not the worst off in this world, but we can't swing a last minute Kitchen Aid purchase either so...if you are moved to do so, please use the link.

Just click and then browse and shop normally.


1 comment:

  1. If I shop at all this season, I will use your link!
    I always try and shop using links, when I can!
    Especially our good LoCarb People!