Saturday, January 8, 2011

Leftover Ham Quiche-Souffle

This is what you do with leftover holiday ham, make a quiche-souffle. There's no fixed recipe, it's whatever you have on hand.

-around 10 Eggs
-around 1/3 to 1/2 cup Heavy whipping cream
-Chopped veggies (1 onion and 1 red pepper this time)
-1 cup shredded Cheese
-around 1 cup chopped Ham

The most important thing is to have enough eggs that the batter is a bit soupy. Not a lot soupy, but a bit, like a river full of flood debris. There's a lot of stuff, but still enough liquid to slush around.

Mix vigorously and bake at 350F until it looks as lovely as the picture here.

Done = Not jiggly in the center. Can take up to an hour.


  1. Mine would never look as good as that.
    I love that!
    You are awesome!
    Please - how long do you bake it?
    And the temp?
    I am really a beginner.... wanting to learn!

  2. Thanks for the comment. You know souffles do what they do, you don't have a lot of control in my experience.

    They almost always deflate at some point. The good thing is it doesn't affect taste so don't let it intimidate you.

    The theory I subscribe to is that adding liquid (milk, cream, water) creates steam which helps the eggs rise.


  3. Oh and I baked it at 350F until done.

    Done= not jiggly in the middle.

    Took about 50 minutes in my oven.