Thursday, January 27, 2011

Low Carb Salads: Longhorn BLT Salad with Balsamic Glaze

Recently my husband was out of town for a week on business and it was just me and one very high energy toddler.

I took her swimming, to the library, to gym class, to dance class, to the store. Basically trotting all over town to keep her occupied.

One night, I just couldn't face cooking so we went to Longhorn, where I love love love their chili (totally low carb too at 9g carb per bowl). I also tried their BLT salad which made me check to be sure I hadn't died and gone to Low Carb Heaven. Sooooooo delish and it looked simple enough that I was pretty sure I could re-create it at home.

Here's the recipe. You HAVE to try this. The flavors are perfect for a salad and this would be an excellent choice for when people come over for dinner.

The combination of bacon with the creamy tang of ranch dressing and the dry saltiness of the cheese followed by the tart sweetness of the balsamic glaze is fantastic. This is really something special.

The recipe is part of my Scrumptious Salads ebook available on for just 99 cents.

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