Sunday, January 9, 2011


One thing I've never missed since going low carb is a hamburger bun. I just don't miss it. I actually prefer my burgers without buns.

I've also found that I really love to caramelize onions* in the oven and eat them on top of my burgers. So so so good.

How do you like your low carb burgers?

*Just slice the onions, toss with some olive oil and roast until brown at 390F to 400F. Takes about 20 minutes.


  1. The onions look divine on top of that burger! I like mine with american cheese, and a dipping sauce consisting of low carb ketchup,mayo,and dill pickle relish. I bet mushrooms would be awesome on this with the onions and some swiss! ok...drooling now!

  2. Oh yes mushrooms sauteed in butter are very good with this. And swiss.

    Lots of fun stuff you can do with burgers.


  3. Looks and sounds great!
    An no buns - even better!